Songs on the verge of a nervous... breakdown 

 regia di Carla Carucci
ideato e interpretato da Francesca Palombo

A tragicomic musical show which winks at the contemporary clown


Pepa Lopez de Leon, timeless celebrity, starts her concert showing off some auto-celebratory songs. But slowly, her interior delirium unveils and through sudden passionate love memories and a hopeless decadence, the atmosphere shows a masochistic and surreal vein.

Despite gaffes, pills, trills and sips of brandy, the concert goes on and her desperate insanity increases in a swirl of comic delirium till an unexpected cathartic final. 

The music, the funny side and the irony merge into each other originating a funny and surreal tragicomic show and making the piéce suitable for any kind of audience. 


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Pepa Lopez de Leon

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