Staccato ma non troppo asciutto 

scritto, diretto e interpretato da Anna Barbero, Carla Carucci e Carolina Khoury
al pianoforte Anna Barbero

A musical show on the genius of Erik Satie.

By Anna Barbero

Directed and created by Carla Carucci and Carolina Khoury

Music by Erik Satie played live by Anna Barbero at the piano.

On stage Carla Carucci and Carolina Khoury. 


Inspired by the innovative musical works of Erik Satie and his ironical writings, the show tells, in a surreal way, the fantastic universe of the French composer in a world settled by copies of Erik Satie who compare, play, fight and help each other, sweetly cradled by his music played live by himself.  


Staccato ma non troppo asciutto is produced by Teatro della Caduta


There is something Beautiful in the Past and something Very Beautiful. Let’s look for it by yourself, without any advice, because there’s no professor who is able to show to others what Beauty is, nor to evoke it in the most refined among men.

                                    Erik Satie